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The Sudbury Basin: 2nd Largest Crater On Earth Caused By COMET
The Sudbury Basin: 2nd Largest Crater On Earth Caused By COMET
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Collaborative research led by geologists at Trinity College Dublin has found strong evidence that one of the largest preserved impact structures on Earth was caused by a comet colliding with our planet over 1.8 billion years ago.





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By conducting geochemical analyses of the siderophile (iron-loving) elements found in and around the crater fill - and by modelling the impact with computer software - the geologists showed that whatever crashed to Earth was almost completely vaporised on entry.





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In a recently published study in the international journal Terra Nova, the Trinity-led geologists explain the rationale behind their assertion that the Sudbury Basin in Ontario, Canada, was caused by a comet - and not a meteorite.









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