Hiding the symptoms

As a high-performance athlete, it is hard to be in a position beyond your physical control.

Parkinson’s Disease has very visible symptoms, tremors are the most noticeable. However, I’m starting to have fun finding ways to hide the tremors or sometimes I proudly tell people: “I have Parkinson’s Disease”

I have developed several techniques to hide the shakiness that I’m pretty sure you are very familiar with.

One is to keep my right hand in my pocket while walking but still, it looks like I’m wrestling a frog in my pocket as the shakes continuous regardless.

Holding a heavy shopping basket at the grocery store aids to keep the tremors in check. Especially, when walking the store aisles and while queuing those endless cash register lines.

Hiding the tremors at running is difficult task although, there is a technique that works for me. I call it the ’10 fingers running meditation’ and despite the fact that it looks kind of funny when running, it helps me to avoid shaking like a leaf! and hey! it looks very trendy zen.
I swear I saw someone trying it the other morning.

What techniques have you developed? Join the conversation here

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