Working on Parkinson’s Disease research in Peru

It is over two months since The Roberto Carcelen Foundation (RCF) extended its mission statement reach and added Parkinson’s Disease research to its charitable efforts.

After successfully meeting with the directors of the Peruvian Institute of Neurological Sciences (INCN), The Roberto Carcelen Foundation is currently working on supporting the INCN on data research.
The RCF has started processing years of valuable INCN’s historical data on Parkinson’s Disease in Peru.

Mr. Carcelen with the director of Neurodegenerative diseases Doctor Sanchez

The INCN operating since 1700 (319 years ago) is the main public health body regarding diagnosing and treating neurological diseases in Peru.

Currently, The RCF is working on implementing the following:

– Data collection. Digitize all the unstructured physical data.

– Standardize the diagnosis with universal PD protocols.

– Stream the data patient collection via a secure client application build on a decentralized permission network to ensure data integrity, log history immutability. This application will be used by the INCN doctors and nurses to enter the data digitally via INCN hardware connected to the intranet.

– Data analysis to find useful information that will support decision making, serve patients and medical research.

Expectations of this the data research:

  • Determined the socioeconomic variables of the PD sufferers in the region.
  • Understand causes, risk groups, early symptoms, treatment response, disease progression.
  • Determined incidence by location affected by pollution of resources or other stress factors.
  • Define other types of Parkinsonism causing the onsets.
  • Standardize the diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease universal protocols