I will go for the Olympics

As you might saw it on CBS, I’m going to try to qualify to the 2022 Olympics in Bejing.

This story is a golden opportunity to keep the continuity of Peru at the winter Olympics and to raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease through the work The Roberto Carcelen Foundation is focusing on.

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to qualify to the next Olympics but is the journey, planning, the team effort, and Parkinson’s Disease treatment that could inspire others and most importantly generate awareness on the condition.

Challenging yes, but not impossible and the pain is worth it if meaningful to those around Parkinson’s Disease.

I have to be super efficient at my training, treatment, diet, and life balance and at the same time take many things into account like PD, age, family, and of course, my full-time job.

I don’t believe someone ever competed in the Olympics or even trying to qualify to one with Parkinson’s Disease.

Next steps and training

The decision was made. Kate, Frankie, Sunny, and my doctor approved this challenge. Now, it is time to build a team, train, race and start fundraising to support The Roberto Carcelen Foundation efforts on Parkinson’s Disease.

Regarding training, I used to train about 21 hours/week now, I can put a solid 6 hours/week. These six hours are aimed to build endurance base and technique that I lost to time and Parkinson’s Disease.

The intensity of the workout, for now, it will be easy “long” sessions, nothing too hard. I also need to monitor closely on how training with PD will affect me positive or negative.

The good news is that I was able to finish a 6-mile run a couple of days ago. It has been at least six years since I ran that far.

Most of my training options are very diverse to avoid overuse injuries. I run, roller-ski, Nordic walking, and some surfing. Roller-skiing and Nordic walking are the easiest on my body and super enjoyable.

I’m also doing some strength workouts aimed to fight rigidity in my right leg and right arm. See me below doing easy one leg squats.

Stay tune…

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