PD Alternative treatments

Greetings from Lima, Peru.

I’m in Lima on business but also to meet with some of Peru’s Parkinson’s Disease specialists and learn more about their treatments.

I met with a homeopathic doctor whose goal was to detox the liver to improve its functions such as, metabolism, blood filtering, and B-12 storage, among other vital roles.

Diet is the key according to this approach, abundant fruits, healthy fats vegetables, fish, and limited meats (beef and chicken). No gluten, sugars, processed fats, alcohol, you get the picture.

Supplements and homeopathy remedies also prescribed: Magnesium, glutathione, Passiflora, Arnica.

I was invited to the Lifestyle Medicine Congress in Lima, Peru. The two-day event featured great medical professionals and researchers from Pediatricians to MD-PHD’s on tons of substantial evidence and science.

Interestingly enough, the Lifestyle Medicine approach are the same than the homeopathic doctor. Chronic inflammatory conditions are the result of poor lifestyle choices and stress management.

They are reversible and preventable through diet, emotional support, and exercise.

Lifestyle Medicine Symposium. Lima 2019

I’m still researching before I take on a treatment option, but in the meantime, I keep up the exercise and a healthy diet which, both are helping quite a lot.

Good days and bad days

We all usually have good and bad days when dealing with Parkinson’s Disease symptoms.

My days tend to be better if I do the following: I drag my self out bed (early) and after my first cup of coffee I get a 40 minute walk/run workout in.

Before going back home, I sit on a bench or the grass in a quiet place and start meditating for about 10-15 minutes and concentrate on ‘belly breathing’ and visualize a positive me without PD symptoms.

I breathe in slowly through my nose and hold it for 10 seconds and then release it through my mouth slowly as well.

This 10 minutes relaxing/meditation technique pays off for the whole day. My PD tremors slow down a lot! And have a better workday.

I complement my therapy with fresh fruits, vegetable, easy to digest healthy meals, and reward my self with a glass of red wine at dinner time.

Daily breakfast in Lima

On another front, I met with the director of the Peruvian Institute of Neurological Sciences (INCN) to reach out a collaboration understanding.

The INCN has years of unstructured research data in need of modeling and analysis.

This partnership with The Roberto Carcelen Foundation (RCF) will provide the INCN with useful information, insights, associations, and support decision making on Parkinson’s Disease.

Please refer to The Roberto Carcelen Foundation website for updates regarding partnerships and PD research support.

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