Learn to love it

Since diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I decided to throw my self into any situation that makes me feel uncomfortable, face it, and overcome it.

In the early stages of the disease, symptoms were somehow manageable and rarely perceived by people around me.

Lately, my motor symptoms are way noticeable and hard to control, especially during stressful situations.

Part of this strategy is to train or adapt my self to my new reality and re-learn to feel comfortable in changing situations.

Last night, I attended a classical music concert, tons of people. I shook as queuing for Will Call, to use the restrooms, the cafeteria and while seating. A very uncomfortable experience.

Since I decided not to take control symptoms medicines, I proudly sport my symptoms and deal with them.

I’m surprised how friendly and accommodating people are around you when they see you struggling.

And there is Public Speaking

As a public figure with an exciting trajectory, people want to hear the story from you, but even before my diagnosis, I’m terrified of speaking in public.

Despite the fact, I found my Olympic story inspiring and worth sharing it. Against all my desires, I ended up giving (before my diagnosis) countless engagement presentations for corporations, schools, non-profits, and of course, the keynotes for The Roberto Carcelen Foundation galas.

Because of stage fear and now Parkinson’s Disease. I ruled out any public speaking offers in the first place, but again, this is something I signed up for (not really), and I should face and conquer efficiently. Another opportunity for growth and inspire others.

So, public speaking is back on the menu and bringing awareness to Parkinson’s Disease research is the main ingredient.

What I’m saying and I have experienced it over and over is that stepping outside comfort is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Whatever condition you have: Bring it, share it, and overcome it.

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