I’m back

I’m back! It has been a while since my last post as Covid-19 got into everyone’s lives and priorities changed.

Gratefully, my family and I made it through Covid safely and without complications, but as anticipated, my Parkinson’s disease (PD) symptoms have progressed noticeably. The motor part (tremors) are harder to manage, but luckily, they only affect my right arm and leg. Also, the loudness of my voice has taken a toll.

Fighting back

Keeping my diet in check is critical, but I also experienced that exercising more is not strictly better and not one size fits all. In addition, Exercise and intensity must be dial-up independently since Parkinson’s disease affects people differently. So PD warrior, do you feel better or worse after a long workout?

In my case, 3-4 times a week of easy 30mn workouts such as a walk, easy surfing, or boxing are beneficial; anything more than that is hard on my muscles and overall motor well-being. Ironically for someone who trained 20 hours a week.

Boxing for PD is one of the most beneficial workouts I have ever tried. This is an entirely different definition of how you might define boxing. There is no combat or one or one fighting, and I rarely break a sweat; we have a lot of rest in between sets. Boxing helps with coordination, rhythm, and management of motor symptoms.

I will dedicate an entire post to my experience boxing, benefits, and pointers from my amazing coach.

For now, I’m happy to be back!

I’m back
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