Diet to feel way better

There have always been countless diet programs, some trendier than others.
Lately, The Keto diet seems to be the one with more popularity and some traction.
Not too long ago, The South Beach diet, Paleo diet, plant-based diets, and Mediterranean diets are those that I can recall in the last 15 years.

My nameless diet is based on years of personal discovery, lots of try and error, and based on strong believes.
I found that giving my liver a break improves my overall well-being.

I feed my self with lots of fruits, vegetables, and fish, little rice, no wheat flours, and no alcohol. The results are almost immediate.
The trick (like in everything) is to keep it up for good, but we invariably go back to old habits.

Breakfast in Lima

I was in Lima last week on Business. Peru offers one of the best cuisines in the world, and I’m proud, and I can’t wait to arrive to start trying out those top 10 ten world’s best restaurants, several located in Lima.

After two weeks of lots of eating and some Pisco Sours, I was back in pain.
Foggy head, body aches, uncontrollable tremors and stiffness, a Parkinson’s Disease, and fibromyalgia combo. Horrible!

Before my trip end, I had to return to my prescription, veggies salmon, white rice and apples, and then Voila! Back to almost normal in a few days. The difference is just huge.

It has been two weeks, and things are getting even better.

The last time I followed this diet for two years and got rid of my fibromyalgia, this time around, it is for life, and I’m focused on overcoming these Parkinson’s Disease symptoms.

What type of diet does work for you?

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