Parkinson’s Disease update

I wanted to update all regarding the status of my Parkinson’s Disease condition and how my self-treatment is performing.

I decided not to take medicines to control Parkinson’s Disease symptoms because of the side effects and drug wear off; instead, I focusing on a lifestyle approach through diet and exercise.

The diet is free of sugars, gluten, and more abundant in fruits, vegetables, fish, and some grains. Wine, however, is still in my diet as a glass of it helps with the tremors, but the trick is not surpassing two glasses of wine; otherwise, the side effects will worsen the following morning.

The magic of wine

Exercise plays a vital role in controlling the advancement of the disease.
Trying to qualify for the Olympics requires amazing fitness and endurance, and I’m not even close, yet.

Having a disability requires smart decisions and a full-length plan on how to get there. An Olympic journey program that balances training, health, my job, and family commitments.

The bottom line is that I have noticed my Parkinson’s Disease progression to slow down. It is still advancing but at a slower pace compare if to a year ago.

There is still room for improvement, like blending meditation sessions and yoga in the overall plan.

I believe anyone can adopt this lifestyle approach to improve any overall condition symptoms.

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